About the Book

Persian ABC's is a children's board book intended to support phonetics and introduce the Persian language before a child can read or write through the theme of foods found in Iranian households or cities. It is in Persian written in the Latin Alphabet.

As a Persian speaker who never learned to read or write Persian, I hope this book can function as a tool for exposing young children in a way that feels simple and light. It's also functional for food lovers with no Persian background at all who wish to expose their children to different cultures, through the magic of food. 

Our 1st Edition of 500 copies sold out within 2 weeks in May 2021.

Our 2nd Edition of 500 copies sold out April 2023.

We are excited to announce Meredith Mundy at Abrams Appleseed has bought world rights to Persian ABC's and it is slated for release through the publishing house in Spring of 2024 with wonderful updates, including additional back matter, a pronunciation guide & a description of each food item. 

SEE YOU IN 2024.





"Damn this is epic"

Clemence Poles

"A True Work of Art"

Rahill Jamalifard

"Never clicked add to cart faster"

Kate Ghotbi

"As someone who is trying to pick up some words/have a better understanding of the food and culture, I absolutely love this"

Ellie Eckert

"What a beautiful labor of love, scooping a copy for our non-kid house to learn Farsi"

Faythe Levine